Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne, The Complete Series – Blu-ray Review

Review by: Ai Kano

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $59.98 US
Running Time: 270 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

You will never look at piercing the same way again.

After having watched the first episode of Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne, it becomes clear that this isn’t just another anime series that just relies solely on displaying hot naked women as its main selling point. This story has a meaning and purpose that goes beyond its bloody violence, nudity and sex and, yes, it manages to be a disturbing but entertaining thrill ride. While it lasts only six episodes, The Complete Series Blu-ray set of this unique series shows us enough to keep more mature-minded anime fans glued to their HD screens for various reasons.

Then again, if you hated series like Speed Grapher, this series might not be for you because the series is not for the squeamish and those who have a problem with shameless displays of nudity and lots of sex then you will want to skip out on this one. Unfortunately, doing so will be a shame since there is a good story here with great characters that do stand out and scenes that are edgy without trying too hard.

The story revolves around a sexy young woman named Rin Asougi, a private investigator who looks good in a three-piece suit and glasses and out of said three-piece suit. When we first see her in Episode 1, she is running for a lone, redheaded female assassin who is gunning for her and – with a shotgun – turns Rin into hamburger meat. The next thing we know, Rin wakes up in her bedroom with no sign of injury. You see, Rin is an immortal who has been granted eternal life thanks to Time Fruits that seems to float from the mythical tree called Yggdrasil that only immortal women can see.

Rin works as a private investigator with her young immortal assistant named Mimi whose idea of bringing her boss water is bringing her a bottle of Vodka and feeding it to Rin by way of a kiss. During one job trying to locate a cat, Rin runs into a young man named Kouki Maeno who doesn’t seem to know who he really is and why a group of men in black suits want to take him away. Rin decides to help the young man, leading to a trip to a research lab where the truth about the young man is revealed. Even after being horribly tortured and maimed when the pair are captured, Rin stages a rescue and secures a friendship between her and Kouki.

Several years later, Rin and Mimi are looking into another case while a somewhat older Kouki (who works for Rin) meets a crying girl who is looking for an angel. As it turns out, angels do exist and – in the course of the case – Kouki discovers Rin’s immortal secret as well as another interesting tidbit. You see, only women can become immortal and men become angels but the twist is that immortal women are sexually drawn to angels who want nothing more than to become intimate with immortals and then kill them. Each time an angel appears, immortal women are unable to contain themselves and the angel they are tracking proves what happens when Rin and the angel are near each another.

As the years pass, Rin and Mimi do not age but Kouki does and we find the young man married and with a child as the three take on another case where an assassin is using explosives to take out targets. Rin, meanwhile, realizes that a foe named Apos might be behind the attacks and the new crop of angels that keep appearing. Rin and Kouki’s investigation leads to tragedy, though, and the loss haunts the two immortal women but years later another Maeno becomes involved with the two women as Kouki’s teenage son helps Rin.

However, in a battle against an android, Rin is torn to shreds in an exciting battle on an airplane and Rin is lost to the world until – several years later – Kouki’s granddaughter, Mishio, runs into a woman who bares a striking resemblance to Rin. As it turns out, it is Rin and she has no recollection of who she is until an event wakes her and has Rin fighting against Apos’ ultimate plan with her allies.

There are battles aplenty in this series and watching Rin go up against mindless drones in one episode, slay angels in another and go up against assassins such as the redhead Laura makes for some exciting fights. The action is bloody and Rin’s many deaths are extremely gruesome as is watching her body heal itself. On top of that, the nudity and sex scenes are rather graphic and excessive yet doesn’t fall in the sleazy category. It almost becomes comical at times, especially when Rin or Mimi “sleep” with their female informants, which is every episode.

Still, the series doesn’t sacrifice story and character development. Rin just isn’t a saucy babe who looks good fighting angels and assassins, you can practically feel the pain of her immortal curse and what it means to outlive friends. The series never takes itself too seriously as well and is unapologetic in its display of violence, sex and nudity. It’s like a Paul Verhoeven flick … only the flick is energetic and entertaining. Of course, it’s also a complex story that just gets even stranger at the end of the sixth and final episode. It’s a real kick to see the story move from the 1990s to a more futuristic era.

The Complete Series of Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne is an occasionally disturbing yet deliciously tantalizing morsel on Blu-ray. Calling it a guilty pleasure would be more accurate if you can stomach the gore, sex and nudity. We’ve seen anime like this before but Rin manages to be entertaining and even exciting enough that you will be pulled in by the story and characters. This is definitely for the mature crowd so if you were looking for a more dark and adult anime.


Rin is a private investigator with a most unusual secret … she’s an immortal who finds herself in a conflict with a force who has dark plans for all immortal women like her. Together with her immortal assistant and a young man whose bloodline will continue aid her, Rin tries to makes sense of the mystery behind immortality as well as the one named Apos who has plan for Angels and Immortals alike.

It was certainly a great choice to bring this series to Blu-ray since the animation is simply stunning and many of the scenes will not fail to get a reaction out of the viewer. This is certainly a mature title for the strong violence, nudity and sexual situations found in all six episodes.

The voice acting is top notch whether you like the Japanese cast or the English dub cast so whatever your preference is you are in for a treat. There’s also an amazing score attached to this series and the rocking tunes by GALNERYUS are awesome. Just be prepared for a lot of heavy breathing and moaning in this series.

The Blu-ray release comes with all the extras that the DVD version includes so you’ll find an audio commentary track for Episode 2 with J. Michael Tatum (ADR Director), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Rin), Jamie Marchi (Mimi) and Robert McCollum (Kouki) who offer a hilarious view of the show’s juicy parts and language. There’s also a Japanese cast interview with Mamiko Noto, Rie Kugimiya, Sayaka Ohara and Rie Yamanobe that is worth watching. Aside from that there are clean opening and closing animation plus FUNimation trailers.

A complex yet edge-of-your-seat exciting anime series that walks on the dark and mature side, Rin -Daughters of Mnemosyne is unforgettable and compelling enough to be that different kind of anime you should not ignore. While there are some truly twisted moments in this series, it doesn’t hide the fact that there’s a great story here.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment


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