Ninja Girls, Volume 2 – Manga Review

Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Author: Hosana Tanaka
Genre: Graphic Novel
MSRP: $10.99 US
Rating: OT (16+)
Release Date: Available Now

This is how Ninja Girls play cupid.

The first volume of Ninja Girls was surprisingly funny and loaded with sexy female ninja action that proved that some harem manga could actually be different from other harem titles out there. As a result, the series is actually fun to read and – thankfully – the same can be said about the Volume 2 of Ninja Girls as the quartet attempt to revive the fallen Katana Clan by having the young Lord Raizo romance a noble. Things are about to get a lot more complicated, that’s for sure.

While Kagari’s plan to build Raizo’s castle was a big failure and Lord Seigan after her Shintaigo technique, the young Lord turns to the other plan brought up by his sharpshooter companion, Kisarabi. Her restoration plan is to restore the Katana Clan by having Raizo marry a noble with wealth and influence. That way the Katana Clan will make its return with financial and military backup. Having shown him a list of potential brides, the three shinobi follow their master to the Oumi Province where the first candidate for a potential bride – Habari-Hime – resides as a Princess for the people.

First, however, the traveling quartet run into a pint-sized kunoichi who – only a few minutes ago – was secretly consorting with Lord Seigan. She is Mizuchi and her love for money has her working for the enemy but when she was told to kill Kagari the young shinobi just cannot do that. You see, what she loves just as much as money is Kagari but seeing her idol reduced to a servant to the dorky Raizo makes the young ninja do the unthinkable … attempted murder. However, the girls quickly figure out Mizuchi’s plan and the younger kunoichi walks away. It’s clear that we will definitely see this young girl again.

In the meantime, the three shinobi hatch their plan to get close to the Princess by having Raizo “save” the Princess from a band of thugs in armor. With the girls in their disguises, the plan goes well and Raizo ends up not only being the hero but also getting offer a job as the Princess’ bodyguard by the Princess herself who turns out to be very beautiful and kind.

Raizo is immediately drawn by Habari-Hime’s kindness and her dedication to her people. She also has a long and demanding schedule but the Princess always has a smile for her people and even her army is touched by her gentle presence when she goes to see the men off. Of course, Raizo comes to the realization that while she might be all smiles at each function, the Princess really is exhausted and this worries the young Lord. So Raizo hatches his own plan to rescue the Princess from her schedule for a day or rest and fun with him. As it turns out, this is exactly what she needed.

Meanwhile, we can see that this courtship between her Lord and the Princess bothers Kagari. She clearly does not like the Princess and, in one chapter, even competes with her during what was suppose to be a friendly game. Watching how badly Kagari takes the news that Raizo might marry is the highlight of the volume and once again the ihai that represents Raizo’s mother lets her presence known throughout in the most comical way.

As it turns out, though, somebody is trying to kill the Princess. A botched attempt has the girls saving ambassadors during one event and, during a dinner with Raizo, somebody tries to poison the beautiful noble. Immediately, Raizo and his three shinobi are blamed and, after an interrogation leads to Raizo telling the truth about how he came to “save” the Princess, they are tossed in a cell by the real culprits. It is in the prison that they meet somebody who knows the real truth about what is going on in the province.

There are short battles in this volume but, more importantly, we learn a little more about Raizo including how deeply the pain of being an outcast (thanks to the horn on his head) has affected the young man. However, the aftermath of the battle and a surprising announcement in the end of the chapter finds Raizo and the girls on the run again but this time one person’s opinion of Raizo isn’t a negative one.

It’s good to see that this series’ sense of humor is still very much intact and, in Volume 2 of Ninja Girls, things get even more comical as Raizo attempts to revive his clan by marrying into nobility. While the plan seems to have worked, many things conspire against him and yes that means even more crazy ninja girl antics that made us love the first volume. Consider this another great volume in this already likeable series.


Following Kisarabi’s original plan to have Raizo marry a noble whose influence and wealth will help restore the Katana Clan once again. Their target is a Princess from a nearby province and the three female shinobi hatch a plan to make Raizo look like a hero and gain the trust of the Princess. While the plan works, a sinister plot to assassinate the princess makes the four the most likely suspects.

The girls still look amazing in this series and there’s a lot less fan service in this second volume. The sight gags are still hilarious, though, especially when Raizo’s “mother” makes her presence known.

Some action-comedy manga loses its steam and comedic chops by the second volume but that isn’t the case with Volume 2 of Ninja Girls that still remains refreshingly funny and still loads of fun to read. As Raizo follows Kisarabi’s restoration plan that involves marrying into nobility, everything seems to be going good until the truth ruins everything.

Review copy provided by Del Rey Manga

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