One Piece, Volume 28 – Manga Review


Review by: Eduardo Zacarias

Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Eiichiro Oda
Genre: Graphic Novel (Shonen Jump Manga)
MSRP: $9.99 US
Rating: T (Teen)
Release Date: Available Now
The rumble in the jungle has begun and the Straw Hats get involved.

Leave it to the Straw Hat pirates to get caught up in yet another conflict but, I have to say, each time they do you can expect a grand adventure filled with massive battles and an enemy that is a formidable opponent. This is exactly what we’ve been getting with the Skypiea story arc as Luffy and his crew get ever closer to El Dorado and the deadly Kami who is preparing to enter the fray in Volume 28 of One Piece.

In the last volume, the Shandian people have decided to finally strike back against the Kami Eneru who has ruled the forbidden forest of Skypiea thanks – in part – to the Straw Hats who have taken care of one of the Kami’s impressive Vassals by the name Satori. With one of his own down for the count, the Kami is still confident that he will wipe out the Shandians as well as the Straw Hats in a matter of minutes. With his remaining Vassals out there, he sends forth his Heavenly Warriors.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats find themselves separated from each another in the forest with Luffy, Robin, Zolo and Chopper far from the Going Merry where the others await their return with the Sky Knight named Ganfor still aboard. It became clear to Ganfor that he must put an end to Kami Eneru’s reign and then maybe finally bring some peace to Skypiea.

That’s easier said then done when the Shandian people, led by a warrior named Wyper, have already begun their assault against Kami’s Vassals and now they find themselves locked in battle with the Heavenly Warriors. Wyper encounters the Sky Rider Shura and they take to the skies in an impressive battle but, in the end, the Shandian leader proves that he’s not only a skilled warrior but that he knows how to use a dial.

Speaking of dials, Ganfor tells Nami all about using a dial as a weapon rather than the practical uses that Conis and her father that told them about since they arrived to Skypiea. As it turns out, though, Nami is about to put a dial to use when Kami Eneru shows up and nearly kills Sanji and Usopp. We know that Ganfor and Eneru have a history and more of it is revealed in this volume. However, two of Satori’s brothers (all identical to the defeated Vassal) attack Ganfor and Nami.

As Nami decides to fight, the rest of the Straw Hats encounter their own opponents. Robin Nico not only takes on a Heavenly Warrior on her own but also goes up against their Jabba the Hutt-like commander. Not far, Zolo finds himself locked in battle with a Shandian warrior named Braham who has some flashy guns. Luffy, on the other hand, encounters Wyper and it doesn’t take too long for them to begin their own battle. It’s clear that Wyper doesn’t like Blue Sea people and will make an example of Luffy for not listening to him when he told them all to leave.

The most impressive of the battles is between Chopper and the Vassal known as Gedatsu who may look tough and mean but is actually one of the more hilarious enemies the Straw Hats have encountered in a long time. Chopper isn’t exactly know for his fighting skills but judging by the way that Gedatsu fights he might not even have to lift a hoof.

Volume 28 of One Piece gets straight to the battle between Kami’s forces and the Shandian warriors and the Straw Hats are once again stuck in the middle. While this volume is big on action, there are some revealing points about both camps as well as Ganfor’s new mission to save all of Skypiea. In other words, this is quite an exciting volume that Eiichiro Oda Sensei has once again crafted and you can bet that the next volume will be just as interesting as enemies from all sides continue this war for Skypiea.


The war to take down the Kami Eneru has really begun as the remains of the Kami’s Vassels including his troops clash in the forbidden forest in Skypiea. Meanwhile, separated from each another, the Straw Hats encounter various foes from both sides of the conflict and battle it out as the current Kami decides to participate in the battle.

There are more elaborate fight sequences in this volume and impressive battles between each faction but – once again – the oddball Vassals are the craziest looking bunch.

The Straw Hats find themselves not only caught in the crossfire of a bloody war but a part of it in Volume 28 of One Piece. As the Shandians get ever closer to the deadly Kami, each Straw Hat crew member encounters enemies from both sides as they are locked in battle. Oh yeah, this is just going to get a lot more exciting.

Review copy provided by VIZ Media



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