Corpse Princess, Part Two – DVD Review

Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $59.98 US
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

The truth behind the Shikabane Hime and the men that love them.

As fascinating and exciting as Part One of Corpse Princess was there is just no denying that the final episodes hinted to something that would turn out to be an even more riveting chapter in an anime series about beautiful fighting girls that happen to be dead and their contracted monks. Well, Part Two is everything we expected it would be as the real battle begins.

Life, you see, has a funny way of making unexpected turns and – no matter how much the father-big brother figure wanted Kagami Ouri away from the supernatural world of the Shikabane Hime – it is fate that pushed the boy into the life of a contracted monk and the girl who fights for revenge. Kagami found himself drawn to the living dead girl named Makina as well as Keisei’s job as her contracted monk. Unfortunately, it also involved him in a vicious fight with a group of Shikabane Hime called the Seven Stars and a traitorous monk with is own agenda.

Well, the final episode in Part One led to tragedy that forced Kagami to make a spiritually binding contract with Makina who is now more determined to get revenge for what happened during the battle at the orphanage. Unfortunately, the council doesn’t see Makina’s transference of contracted monk as a good thing and locks her into a chamber.

Meanwhile, Kagami spends those months without Makina training to become a monk worthy of fighting alongside Makina. Training under a perverted monk named Umehara and his busty and bubbly American Shikabane Hime called Flesh Backbone, he learns about his duties as a monk and the connection they have to their Shikabane Hime. Even Sougi, Itsuki’s contracted monk, lends a hand in teaching Kagami all the secrets of a contracted monk.

Unfortunately, the traitor monk Akasha and the Seven Stars do not to wait any longer and decides to strike the very chamber that is keeping Makina locked away. While not quite finishing his training, Kagami goes to Makina’s aid and their reunion is the beginning of a mission to not only destroy the Seven Stars but also unlock the mysteries behind the Shikabane Hime.

In the meantime, Makina must deal with a problem of her own which comes in the form of another self that is out of control and not very keen on having a contract with a monk. Still, the plans the Akasha and the Seven Stars have for all Shikabane Hime has the pair working together anyway. Each Seven Star member tries springs their attacks on Makina and Kagami … one of which takes the form of a dearly departed character. Another one uses balloons filled with a strange black goop that affects whoever it touches by showing them fake happiness. Sadly, it affects Nozomi (who Kagami’s classmate dubbed the “Breast Goddess”) and Kagami and Makina race to save her in a surprising twist that leads to an unforgettable scene.

Kagami also learns about the bond between some of his fellow monks such as Sougi who recounts how he came to accept the cute Itsuki as his Shikabane Hime. Actually, it was Itsuki who chooses Sougi and they make an interesting pair with a relationship that goes beyond the Monk-Shikabane Hime bond. There’s even an episode that tells how Minai became a Shikbane Hime and the unfortunate pairing with a monk who is cruel and picks her to perform an unspeakable task.

The more intense scenes, however, come when Kagami learns the truth about the Shikabane Hime as well as himself. Then there’s the battles between the Seven Stars and the plan they unleash on the world is horrifying. It is in the final episodes that Kagami and Makina discover their true potential and finally work together to put an end to the group responsible for so many deaths.

Like I said, Part Two of Corpse Princess is exciting, edge-of-your-seat thrilling and the best part of this series that – as a whole – is a truly satisfying anime. As Kagami pushes himself to become a monk and Makina experiencing the negative side to being a Shikabane Hime, this second part of the series definitely makes Corpse Princess a fascinating series worth watching. 


The death of somebody close to Kagami and Machina pushes the young man to join the monk order and fulfill his duty as Machina’s contracted monk. However, the traitorous monk, Akasha, and the Seven Stars spring their trap that will put the world in danger and threaten the bond between monk and the Shikabane Hime.

The action scenes are more intense in this second part of the series and certainly a lot more visually impressive and unforgettable sequences as well. For those who care, the fan service is also increased … especially with the arrival of a new girl called Flesh Backbone.

The original score is simply overpoweringly cinematic and truly epic and the opening and closing theme songs will not fail to grow on you. As for the voice acting, the Japanese cast is at the top of their game but the English dub is fantastic. I agree with J. Michael Tatum in the audio commentary track … Luci Christian is amazing.

Once again, the second disc provides the trailers and the clean versions of the two opening songs as well as the closing theme song. Of course, the best extra comes is the audio commentary track for Episode 24 with ADR Director (and the voice of Keisei), J. Michael Tatum as well as voice actors Brina Palencia (Hokuto) and Josh Grelle (who voices Akasha). They make some great points about the characters but also about the cast throughout the series.

An explosive second half to this series, Part Two of Corpse Princess is a riveting, nail-biting finale that pushes all the things we likes about Part One into one intense package. As Kagami joins the order and becomes Makina’s contracted monk and the enemy makes its move, Part Two is the stuff action anime series are really made of, believe me. 

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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