Chobits, Book 2 Omnibus – Manga Review

Review by: Sophie Stevens

Publisher: Dark Horse Manga
Author: CLAMP
Genre: Graphic Novel (Omnibus)
MSRP: $24.99 US
Rating: 16+
Release Date: Now Available

That which ties all things living or machine is love.

I said it once and I will gladly say it again: if you don’t know CLAMP or have read any of their work then you are seriously missing out on some of the most brilliant manga titles available. Among them, of course, is Chobits as we saw from the first omnibus collection from Dark Horse Manga. Now, the series concludes with Book 2 of Chobits as the fate of all Persocoms lies in the hands of a young man and his feelings for a special Persocom he named Chi.

In the last chapter of Book 1, Chi has been abducted by a young man who – having heard the rumor that Chi might be one of the “chobits” of legend – has taken it upon himself to examine Chi. Now, in Book 2, Hideki Motosuwa gets help from his classmate and friend, Hiromu Shimbo, and an e-mail of something both young men think is a map with a dot indicating the location of something. Could it be pointing at Chi’s location? Both boys, with the aid of the young genius named Minoru Kokubunji,

Meanwhile, Chi unleashes the power we’ve witnessed before when she was put in a situation she didn’t like. It, one again, stops all Persocoms in the city as well as catches the attention of the two mysterious youths in black that are obviously chasing after Chi. Hideki and Shimbo do manage to find Chi as it becomes clear to her that maybe “the someone just for her” was Hideki all along.

While having Chi back certainly made Hideki happy, he can’t help but want to know more about “chobits” as well as who is writing the books Chi likes so much that seems to be about both of them. As he slowly starts to unravel the mystery, Hideki becomes involved in another drama … this one involving the pastry chef (that told Hideki about his marriage to his Persocom) and Yumi Omura (Hideki’s cute co-worker). Suddenly, Hideki learns about why Yumi cries and who exactly was the girl that the pastry chef where Chi works doesn’t want to reveal who worked for him.

In the meantime, another relationship is resolved involving Minoru and his Persocom named Yuzuki after his custom-made Persocom goes out of her way to help her master only to nearly get fried in the process. As it was revealed in Book 1 of Chobits, he built her in his sister’s image as well as programmed her to act like his sister by Yuzuki has gone beyond that programming to become something else. Saddened by the fact that she just can’t live up to his sister’s image, Yuzuki just wants to make Minoru happy and this results in the pair coming to terms with their true feelings.

As the identity of the young man and woman in black is revealed, another revelation comes to light but just as Chi comes to meet with what we all knew to be her other self. It is in this revelation that the truth behind chobits is finally brought up and Chi begins a program that could affect all Persocoms depending on the outcome of her meeting with Hideki.

It becomes clear to Hideki that he will have to come to terms with his own feeling towards Chi and his answer may very well change the world of Persocoms as Chi and her “inner self” begins to show her true power. As a heartbreaking and emotional story about her origin is revealed, it comes to Hideki’s attention that love exists in every living being but – in its own special way – love can also apply to machines. Sure, it may not be the same love both humans can show each another but if you love something that much maybe the love is so big that you can love enough for both parties.

I will not reveal what happens to Chi and Hideki but know that the decision and the outcome is powerful, emotional and beautiful enough that I shed a tear. There’s a profound message in the finale and if you were ever looking for proof that a manga could make you feel then Chobits is that proof. It really is that good but, then again, CLAMP fans already know what to expect from their work.

Chobits, Book 2 Omnibus, is simply too beautiful and too enjoyable that you need to buy it. Together, both books tell a story of the power of love but also of the basic human (and non-human) nature of wanting to be loved. Heartwarming, funny, sweet and powerful, Chobits is manga at its finest and a real treat for anyone who hasn’t read it before. This one is definitely on the Highly Recommended list.


Hideki gets help from a friend in locating the abducted Chi as well as from a mysterious message from an unknown source that has been watching them. After getting Chi back, though, the mystery of the chobits begins to unravel as two threats make their way closer to Hideki and Chi as well as a crucial moment where Hideki must make a decision that will not only affect his relationship with Chi but also the world of Persocoms.

The art is still stunning and gorgeous as CLAMP fans already know and Dark Horse definitely wins big points for including all the color pages plus 50 color illustrations featuring Chi as well as other characters.

A beautiful, heartbreaking and thought-provoking series, the second Omnibus of Chobits completes this compelling story and brings it to a close in a way that will make you believe that love in any form is still a special thing. By the end of the book, you will come to realize that CLAMP is one of the best things to happen to manga.

Review copy provided by Dark Horse Manga


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