Persona: Trinity Soul, Volume Two Premium Edition – DVD Review

Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: NIS America
MSRP: $59.98 US
Running Time: 307 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery
Rating: Teen
Release Date: Available Now

The whale’s feathers will fall one last time as the truth about Personas is finally revealed.

Persona: Trinity Soul is one of those complex, cerebral and deeply involving anime series that – as we saw from Volume 1 – just kept getting better and better with each episode. As complex as it is, though, you just can’t help but get swept up by the story and even more so in Volume 2 of the Premium Edition of Persona: Trinity Soul. In this final chapter of the story, things get exciting and stranger at the same time.

In the last episode of Volume 1, Ryo Kanzato had followed a lead out in the snow with his childhood sweetheart only to end up missing and said childhood sweetheart dead. It doesn’t take authorities long to finger Ryo for the crime and since he’s missing they can’t find out what really happened. His brother Shin and Jun continue to watch for their missing trouble and Shin often visit’s the police department to see if they found out anything about Ryo.

When Shin runs into the mysterious boy named Sataro, it becomes clear to Shin that Marebito is determined to carry out their plan to bring back their fallen father-figure and continue their cycle of violence using their Personas. When one of them attacks a person out in the street where Shin’s friends are witnesses to Marebito’s path of destruction, the Persona that puts an end to the menace looks to be Ryo himself!

Determined to have their brother come back home, Shin and Jun are approached by a white-haired stranger named Sanada Akihiko who knows all about Personas, the “reverse” cases and a lot about their brother, Ryo. In fact, he tells them the secret about Personas as well as an interesting tidbit about their users, which explains why their brother as well as other members of Marebito have been taking a mysterious drug … thus the group’s connection to a pharmaceutical company.

Interestingly enough, Sanada also makes a most unusual request for a law enforcement officer. He asks Shin and his friends to use their Personas to stop Marebito from carrying out their mission. Even more interesting is the fact that neither Megumi, Takura or Kanaru agree with helping but Shin does make a commitment to help Sanada. In the end, they all join Shin anyway out of loyalty and friendship.

Speaking of friendship, the series continues to flesh out the secondary characters like Shin’s friends. After Jun is badly injured during a battle with members of Marebito, they head to Megumi’s parents’ home only for the others to realize that Megumi and his stepmother don’t get along as their situation brings them together. In another episode, Takura encounters an attractive woman who claims she is his father! Could this be connected to the “reverse” cases as missing people keep showing up in different bodies? The result is an emotional meeting between Takura and his father.

Meanwhile, the girl in red (AKA Ayane) seems to be appearing more frequently and targets Jun who – as we seen in the first volume – has a spiritual connection to his dead twin sister. Of course, Shin doesn’t like that Ayane keeps appearing before Jun and tries to put an end to her visits only to be shown an alternate realm where his parents are still alive and his brother forgetting about Personas. When she reveals her true colors by kidnapping Jun, Shin and his friends finally set out to defeat Marebito once and for all.

The battle is intense and shocking as an enemy reveals herself and there are casualties on both ends. In fact, one final farewell of one character is heartbreaking as Shin finally makes a stand against Ayane’s true self. While the ending can be a bit complicated, it’s a fitting finale for a series like this. Saying more would ruin the many surprises.

The Premium Edition of Volume 2 of Persona: Trinity Soul is a compelling and riveting finale as secrets are revealed and battles are waged. As a whole, the series is complex and the ending might be a tad confusing in places but it works and believe me when I say that you will find yourself loving Volume 2 for keeping its viewers on the edge of their seats.


Ryo’s sudden disappearance and the murder of their friend have Shin and Jun worried enough to look into his brother’s case. Meanwhile, the group known as Marebito is making their move as Shin and his friends band together to meet the threat head-on as the identity of the girl in red is finally revealed.

The animation is excellent with the Personas standing out in this series but the best visual treat comes in the form of the dream-like visions Shin and his brother have throughout the series.

Once again, the great voice acting is one of the highlights of the audio as well as the hauntingly gorgeous score. The opening theme song, “Word of the Voice” by FLOW is simply awesome and the closing song is beautiful.

The second disc comes with clean opening and closing theme songs as well as a look at all of Persona: Trinity Soul’s mysteries with the producer of the animation studio A-1 Pictures, Omatsu Yutaka, that is interesting to watch. Of course, the hardcover book is a wonderful addition complete with production art and interesting character tidbits as well as the fun four-panel comics.

A strange and utterly intriguing final chapter, Volume 2’s Premium Edition of Persona: Trinity Soul is an absorbing second part that will not fail to grab your attention. If you thought the last episodes of Volume 1 were interesting, Volume 2 will surely keep you interested up until the very end. This is still an anime series well worth checking out.

Review copy provided by NIS America

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