One Piece, Season Three Third Voyage – DVD Review

Review by: Faith McAdams

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 325 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV 14
Release Date: Available Now

The rage of a God and the defiance of a people will make this heaven burn.

Any One Piece fan will tell you that when a One Piece story arc starts rolling it rolls with the momentum of a runaway train and your eyes will be glued to the screen until the very end of said story arc. Just look at the way the Alabasta story had fans hooked. Well, the same can be said about the Skypiea story arc that, with the Third Voyage of Season Three, has reached it’s top speed and heading for yet another unforgettable thrill ride.

As the story arc set up the conflict between a people called the Shandians and Skypiea’s so-called God, the Straw Hats have decided to do what a good pirate crew would normally do … look for treasure. However, having split the crew into two parties, the Straw Hats have no choice but to get involved in the uprising of the Shandian warriors and the twisted game that the God Eneru has set up.

Meanwhile, Wyper and his fellow Shandian warriors’ second assault is a more successful one as they manage to take down one of Eneru’s “priests.” Having been the man that brought down said priest, however, Wyper turns his attention on a lost Luffy who was separated from Zoro, Robin Nico and Tony Tony Chopper. Despite the fact that Luffy much rather continue on towards his goal, Wyper makes it clear that he will not let Luffy stroll around their sacred land so he attacks. The fight is impressive, exciting and cool but the outcome leads Luffy to become even more lost.

While Robin encounters her own trouble and Zoro comes face-to-face with a Shandian gunman named Braham, Chopper runs into the hilarious oddball priest named Gedatsu. It’s because he’s an oddball that Chopper gets to continue on his quest with a victory under his belt. Zoro’s battle, on the other hand, is bloody and stylish as he pits his swords against Braham’s guns. Even Robin shows her fighting prowess in order to protect the ruins she finds precious.

On board the Going Merry, however, Eneru shows up and fries both Sanji and Usopp … nearly killing them both. A terrified Nami is to scared to do anything but Gan For, the Sky Knight, steps in and it is clear that the two have a history together. It’s also clear that Eneru now wants to participate in his own game as well and his entry causes many deaths. Poor Nami is left to fight two new enemies, twins who happen to be the brothers of the balloon-shaped priest named Satori that Luffy and the others defeated.

Making it to the Upper Yard as well, Conis and her father manage to reach the Going Merry but not before saving a little Shandian girl by the name of Aisa. It is Aisa who has the power to feel or “hear” the other Shandians and is worried about Wyper and the female warrior named Laki. Traveling with Nami, Aisa leads her to her friends. Meanwhile, Conis and her father encounters a dying Heavenly warrior who reveals to them Eneru’s true plan. Unfortunately, Eneru s God-like ability strikes the warrior dead as well as taking the life of the person standing next to him.

Chopper is the first to reach the temple ruins only to run into the last real priest by the name of Ohm who fights alongside a giant dog. While Chopper managed to breeze through his last fight with a priest, Ohm unleashes his ability that soon leads to Chopper’s unfortunate defeat. Soon, Zoro, Robin, Wyper and Gan Fall arrive as well and becomes the final four that will take on Eneru. While Nami and Aisa find themselves in a most unusual predicament that leads them to run into Luffy, the others begin their battle against a man who considers himself a God in a battle that is nothing short of breathtaking.

What happens after that is even more intriguing as Nami accepts Eneru’s offer to join him. His master plan, while having been revealed, is explained further and it becomes clear to Nami that his plan may very well destroy all of Skypiea in the process.

The Third Voyage of Season Three is One Piece’s finer moments as well as an epic portion of yet another spectacular story arc. Sure, all the battles are more than amazing and the craziness you’d expect from One Piece is even more crazier but it’s the events that transpire in this collection that will keep your interest down to the very last episode. If this doesn’t make you a One Piece fan then I don’t know what will.


Moving deeper into the Upper Yard, the Straw Hat pirates, the Shandian warriors and God Eneru’s priests fight a massive battle. However, as Eneru steps into the battlefield, he reveals his dastardly plan that puts all of Skypiea in danger. As friends and foes alike fall in battle, the remaining survivors face off against Eneru in the fight of their lives.

The action heats up in these episodes and lead to some shockingly brutal battles with casualties on all sides and then there are the great visual effects and characters such as the massive serpent that shows up. I can just imagine how amazing this would look on Blu-ray.

By now you may already know what to expect from the voice acting in this series for both the Japanese and English dub side and it is still great work … although Cherami Leigh as Aisa definitely works so much better. The opening and closing songs keep getting better and the new ones for the Third Voyage are simply awesome.

Marathon Play still makes for a great feature and yes you can find some trailers as well as the clean opening and closing theme songs. However, there’s a fun audio commentary track for Episode 171 featuring ADR Director/voice actor Mike McFarland and the voice of Usopp, Sonny Strait. Speaking of Sonny Strait, he reveals that he’s a huge fan of Oda-Sensei’s manga version of One Piece.

Simply put: the Third Voyage of Season Three of One Piece is a riveting, edge-of-your seat and powerfully dramatic chapter in this series. Filled to the brim with action-packed moments that are nothing short of monumental, these episodes will make you glad you stuck with this series from the very beginning. Count this one as yet another Must Have for all One Piece fans.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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