The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye, Complete Collection – DVD Review

Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment
MSRP: $79.99 US
Running Time: 600 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Rating: 15+
Release Date: Available Now

I spy with my third eye something that begins with awesome.

At first glance, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye looks like every other series about a desert wasteland planet where the most unlikely person becomes the hero that saves said planet. Yet sometimes appearances can be very delightfully deceiving and this is the case of this series as it brings us something worth watching and enjoying. It’s great to see The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye get the Complete Collection treatment as we meet a girl a most unusual eye.

Like I said, the series takes place in a desert wasteland where giant desert creatures roam at night and the Third, a highly evolved race of humanoid beings with a red eye on their forehead control everything. In the middle of all of this is a young girl named Honoka, a jack-of-all-trades with a talent for using her sword and thus earning her the nickname, “Sword Dancer.” Honoka is not alone in her travels, though, because she has Bogie – a tank with a talking AI system installed.

During one of her routine missions that involve clearing out pesky Sand Spiders, Honoka encounters a young blonde-haired man who isn’t even a bit worried about his safety. He is Iks, mysterious and – to Honoka – downright handsome to the point that she often stares at him. Her infatuation with the young man leads her to accept his offer of accompanying her on her various assignments. While Honoka doesn’t learn a whole lot about Iks during their travels, Iks learns much about this tomboyish girl including the fact that she happens to possess a blue eye on her forehead called an Astral Eye.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever peaceful in this desert world and even more so since the Council of the Third enforces strict laws involving technology. Honoka constantly finds herself combating the Third’s robotic enforcers who are sent to deal with anyone breaking a Technos Taboo law and she often finds herself confronting a member of the Council named Joganki who has an interest in Honoka and not because of her Astral Eye.

Her distaste for the Third becomes amplified when she loses her close friend/mechanic (who helped modify an armored suit for her called the PSP) to a mechanical killing machine known as Blue Breaker. The death of her friend leaves her to take care of his daughter, a cute little girl named Millie who adores Honoka. Often returning to a city called Emporium Town, Honoka and the others meet a gorgeous teacher named Paife who turns out to be something of a hired gun as well who happens to take a fancy to Honoka. There’s an interesting rivalry between Paife and Iks because of Paife’s attraction to Honoka.

We follow Honoka and her friends on a number of missions but the ones that do stand out are the ones connected to the Third. At one point, they encounter an out-of-control weapon known as Gravestone that has an artificial-intelligence and shows them a glimpse of the past. It also battles each member of the group as Honoka discovers Gravestone’s secret.

Later in the series, Honoka runs into a hunter named Leon who is searching for the mythical Desert Fairy and ends up clashing with Honoka and nearly killing her. You see, Leon has a special ability to turn into liquid metal and this makes him a formidable opponent. Interestingly enough, Honoka finds herself being aided by the actual Desert Fairy and a wolf named Kamui. In another major story arc, the Third hires Honoka to find and rescue Joganki from somebody in his past that has control over the Third’s powerful satellite weapon called Wormhole Driver. In an interesting twist, Honoka finds herself teaming up with the most unlikely ally … Blue Breaker.

The series has plenty of action-packed moments and the action sequences look actually good with CG effects that don’t look out of place. Aside from that, the series also has a good sense of humor and characters that you will actually care about because they’re personalities shine through perfectly. It’s fun to see Honoka get annoyed by Bogie’s overprotective nature or Honoka getting girly whenever Iks is near her. The finale is even surprisingly good.

The Complete Collection of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye is a fantastic series that hits all the right notes all the way through to the final episode. Smartly written and wonderfully animated, the series pushes the action, humor and good characters into a deeply enjoyable 24 episodes. We definitely recommend this series.


In a desert wasteland, a feisty girl named Honoka and her tank take on all kinds of jobs that require her brilliant sword fighting skills when she encounters a mysterious young man by the name of Iks walking the desert alone. Joining her, Iks comes to understand this rough girl as well as discover her secret as she goes up against a race of evolved beings known as the Third.

The animation isn’t completely original in any way but there are some amazing CG effects throughout and visually-striking fight scenes as well. Despite its bleak and sandy setting, the backgrounds look really good so you’ll be glad the series looks wonderfully colorful and crisp on DVD.

The original Japanese voice acting is superb with Megumi Toyoguchi as Honoka standing out, then again, the English dub voices are equally good. The original score is also wonderfully cinematic and the opening tune, “Sajou no Yume” is cool. Still, it doesn’t beat the two closing songs, especially “Late Show” by Super Flying Boy.

Each disc comes with extras that includes clean opening and closing theme songs, two karaoke songs to sing your heart out (and they’re really awesome songs) and the U.S. trailer for the series as well as some Nozomi trailers as well. The best extras come in the form of a Voice Actor Interview feature with two interviews (one with Megumi Toyoguichi and the other with the Japanese voice actor for Iks, Daisuke Namikawa). Then there’s the Character Bios, a few that actually contains audio commentary.

A thoroughly enjoyable anime series with a lot to offer, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye is likeable enough that you will gladly watch it through to the end with a smile on your face. The reason for this that the episodes and characters won’t fail to make you like them and, on top of that, the action is fun and the main theme deep enough to make this series a real gem worth buying.

Review copy provided by RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment


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