Oh! Edo Rocket, Season One Part Two – DVD Review

Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 325 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

This is still the craziest neighborhood in the row.

Part One of Oh! Edo Rocket introduced us to the wildly amusing inhabitants of the Furai Row House in Edo and the boy who is determined to send a strange-yet-cute girl to the moon even though the very idea is simply insane. Just when you thought the series couldn’t get more crazy or interesting, Part Two comes along to make Season One of Oh! Edo Rocket a refreshingly unique kind of comedy series.

Picking up after the events of Part One, this second part finds Seikichi’s younger brother, Shunpei in a foul mood because his brother and Sora are becoming more comfortable being around each another when it was he who had a crush on the mysterious girl who wants to go to the moon. As for the rest of their neighbors in the Furai Row House, they’re starting to suffer the negative consequences of crossing Lord Mizune for their part in helping Seikichi complete the project.

Meanwhile, the Blue Sky Beast visit’s the row house looking for Seikichi only to find Sora living comfortable among the humans in her human disguised. She sees this as a chance to expose Sora for what she is so she get take her out of the equation and be the one take Seikichi’s rocket home. She sets up a plan with South Edo Special Agent, Nishinosuke Akai who takes the Men in Black with him to the row house to prove that Sora and the White Sky Beast are the same beings. In a shocking turn of events, the truth about Sora final comes out.

Interestingly enough, Seikichi and the people of the Furai Row House decide to rescue Sora from Akai and the Commissioner Torii’s dungeon. Sure, he and the others were freaked out when they say Sora’s true form and yes they believed Akai’s accusations of Sora killing human women but they come to realize that Sora isn’t a killer. In fact, even O-riku, O-ise, Tetsuju and even the brother-sister team of Tenten and Tenho join in to rescue Sora.

Oh but the rescue doesn’t exactly go as planned but things really get intense when Tenten and Tenho arrive with evidence linking Akai with the Blue Sky Beast. Suddenly, what turned into a rescue mission turns into a race for a buried ship that the second Blue Sky Beast (in Part One, a doppelganger was created by Blue and is out of control) discovers with the help of an unsuspecting Tetsuju. There’s also a final showdown as Genjiro takes on Akai and the others try to take the ship from Blue.

I won’t get into the details of what happens because you really do have to see it for yourself. The end of this part of the story is actually quite tragic but it also puts an end to the problems that were getting in the way of the production of the rocket. With Seikichi’s work shed destroyed, his friends and neighbors decide to help build a huge production site that also includes a theater. In a fun episode, O-ise decides to produce a play called “Princess Moonbeam” that is basically a love story about Sora and Seikichi with the pretty girly guy, Gin, as Sora. It’s actually a hilarious episode that forces Seikichi to confront Sora about the way he really feels about her.

As the rocket is finally being built, there are mishaps and even a rival in completing a rocket that is trying to rival Seikichi’s design. There’s a cute love story here as well that takes the spotlight away from Sora and Seikichi’s relationship and we even get a peek into Ginjiro and O-ise’s past as the Silver Fox and the Nightflower. Then there’s the ending that, well, I’m not too crazy about but at least it’s not a horrible ending either.

The dialogue is even more funny in Part Two with some lines that take jabs at other anime series like Negima! and – at one point – even affectionately mentions Brina Palencia’s role in Sgt. Frog and Romeo X Juliet. Sure, the original Japanese is amusing but you have to hand it to the English dub cast for their energetic performances and comedic timing.

Season One Part Two of Oh! Edo Rocket is one of those guaranteed good times that is rare in most anime series like it and yes it’s still as funny as the first part. While I’m not completely satisfied with the ending, the rest of Part Two offers more than enough madcap goodness to make Oh! Edo Rocket a different and amusing series you might want to check out if you enjoy quirky anime comedy that is truly laugh-out-loud funny.


As Seikichi and Sora grow closer, the people of the Furai Row House are starting to feel the pressure of the Commissioner and Lord Mizune’s control over Edo. More importantly, the truth about the Sky Beasts are revealed to everyone as is Sora’s true identity. With the Blue Sky Beast business behind them, Seikichi and his friends concentrate on finally building the rocket that will send Sora back to the moon.

The animation is still refreshingly original with some characters looking crazier than others but you just have to love the visual effects and funny sight gags the show throws at you.

The voice acting is still great with the English dub voice cast at the top of their game when it comes to the funny dialogue. I really do recommend watching this with the English voice actors. Meanwhile, the music does justice to the show’s style and the closing theme song is a lot better than the opening theme.

There’s not much in terms of extras once again so don’t expect anything besides the usual collection of trailers and the option to watch the opening and closing animation sans text.

Still very much a whimsical and genuinely funny anime series, Season One Part Two of Oh! Edo Rocket excels in making us laugh out loud and showing us a good time in the process. The cast of crazy characters is part of what makes this series work but you just have to love a series that isn’t afraid to shake things up with the drama while keeping its good sense of humor intact.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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