We LOVE you Japan!

It is with a sad heart that I write this in the wake of such a devastating natural disaster that has hit a country we here at Animanga Nation loves so much. All of us here in this very office have visited Japan more than once and only three of us have made it our home for a number of  years before we returned to the States.

I am one of those lucky three who have lived in Japan for 6 years with my sister, Eden (who is Editor-in-Chief of our sister site, Comic Revolution) as Army brats that have gone from living in Okinawa and a year later living in Shibuya. Our own Ai Kano was born in Narita and Brenda Gregson lived in Akihabara for 5 years and worked – believe it or not – in a maid cafe. No kidding, we seen the pictures and she occasionally experiences strange flashbacks … which explains why she sometimes says  “Welcome home, Master!” when I enter the office.

The point is Japan is a big part of our lives as it is for all of you who turn to this site for news and reviews for manga and anime. Each anime collection and every manga series contains the creative spirit and heart of Japan. It is because of this respect and love that we send our prayers, love and hope to the people of Japan and Sendai. We are also sending donations to the Red Cross.

We hope that you will all find it in your heart to offer a prayer and donations to your local Red Cross or a favorite organization that will bring relief efforts to the affected areas. Like all natural disasters, donations of blood or money are always needed and what a better way to show your love to this wonderful country by sending your donations?

We love you, Japan, and will keep praying for you and sending whatever aid we can from our side.

Warmest wishes,

Eduardo Zacarias

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