Dirty Pair, Part Two – DVD Review

Review by: Sophie Stevens
Publisher: RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment
MSRP: $49.99 US
Running Time: 325 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Rating: 13+
Release Date: Available Now

Explosions and buildings reduced to rubble? The Lovely Angels are definitely back.

Our own Clive Owen was right when he thanked the inventors of DVD players because it is thanks to this that we get to see those classics anime series that were hard to find on our side of the pond or hasn’t been seen in a long time. Part One of Dirty Pair introduced us to this retro classic and Part Two is more of the same but you won’t care because these girls are just way too much fun to watch.

While not wanting to give anything away, the final episode of this series finds the Lovely Angel named Kei facing off against a brutish villain who tells the fiery redhead that she should be at home cooking and making babies instead of fighting for justice. Kei, naturally, takes offense and responds by giving the bad guy a beating. Sure, Kei and Yuri fight for justice as trouble consultants for the World Welfare Works Association (or the 3WA) dressed in skimpy outfits but in their own way, they show that girls can get the job done and still look sexy doing it.

As I said in the beginning, nothing much has changed from Part One so we find Yuri and Kei solving a variety of episodic cases. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, of course, seeing as some of our favorite classic series are like this (the Case Closed anime series, for instance) and Dirty Pair manages to cram in worthwhile stories filled with solid action and some good humor that goes beyond watching two girls blow things up on accident and on purpose.

Part Two begins with a mercenary hired to wipe out the memory banks of a presidential candidate’s files so you can bet that our favorite duo is on the case. Incidentally, the mercenary is a master of disguise and manages to slip into Pandora’s Vault along with Kei where the two are caught in its security system with no way out. In another episode, Yuri and Kei are enjoying a little vacation time when they encounter an old cowboy trying to escape a group of men in suits. The old man tells the girls that he knows the location of the treasure of La Kahanga and he would give them a cut of the treasure if they help him find it. The girls, of course, accept but find the job is more difficult than they imagined.

In another episode, the girls are hired to protect and escort the chairman of Yorozuya Enterprises … a job they take because they hear that the chairman is cute. As it turns out, the chairman is a cute girl and what should have been an easy mission becomes a difficult task mainly because the girl – Lady Sakurako – is just looking to have fun in the city. Then there’s a great story revolving around an investigation that has the Lovely Angels look into the death of 3WA’s own crime consultant who is killed by none other than the famous assassin, Sundric. The case for the assassin gets even deadlier when the commercial space transport is sabotaged and is redirected towards a black hole.

One of my favorite episodes has the girls being hired by a lonely and handsome rich man who hires the girls to find the ones responsible for destroying a statue he created to stand in as a girlfriend. Well, not surprisingly enough, it was the Lovely Angels who accidentally jettisoned an escape pod that destroyed said statue but it is the girls that try to make the young master understand it is possible for him to fall in love with a real girl instead.

There’s also mysteries to solve such as the case where Yuri and Kei look into a serial killer who is murdering women and the prime suspect is a door-to-door salesman. In another mystery case, the girls try to solve the mystery of Flight 807 whose passengers mysteriously vanish mid-flight. Sure, the girls don’t often stop to think about their next move but when they do stop to think they manage to put the clues together to solve the mysteries.

You can’t accuse the girls of being boring either as they take on some cases that involve plenty of gunplay and – of course – explosions. One episode has them aiding an assassin they were sent to capture by the name of Blues who is targeting the man who killed his mother. Then the girls are caught up in a counterfeiting case and then join a handsome con man who is conning a drug kingpin. The more action-packed moments, however, come at the final episode where the girls fight to save Chief Gooley – their boss – from a corrupt security chief. This second part ends on a high note and also hints that the series continues by way of the OVAs plus the movie, “Project Eden,” that I hope RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment will release as well at some point.

Still loads of fun to watch from start to finish, Part Two of Dirty Pair will still remind you that classics like this should not be ignored. The series as a whole is loads of fun to watch and never really takes itself seriously so if it’s a good time you’re looking for then look no further because these two girls know how to show their audience the meaning of a good time.


Yuri and Kei continue working for the 3WA as trouble consultants as they see to a variety of cases that include looking into the murder of a crime consultant, rescue a presidential candidate from a mercenary as well as watch over a heiress. The girls even look into a complex case of an airbus’ missing passengers as well as involve themselves in conning a drug kingpin as well as flushing out a serial killer.

The animation is still on the outdated side but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the visuals either way or even like this vision of the future. RightStuf!/Nozomi had done a great job making the episodes look good on DVD as well, which is a big plus.

The 1980s score and opening and closing theme songs are strangely catchy but the highlight in the sound is Kyoko Tongu and Saeko Shimazu who do a great job voicing Kei and Yuri.

Each disc comes with Line Art Galleries featuring all the characters and background settings as well as a few trailers from other RightStuf!/Nozomi releases. However, the best extra comes in the form of a 20-page booklet with 1993 interview and a 2010 Q&A with creator Haruko Takachiho that is actually interesting to read.

Part Two of Dirty Pair might not have changed the familiar formula of the first half of this series but, then again, that’s not a bad thing at all since it’s a blast watching these two cute destructive girls doing what they do best … causing mayhem while getting the job done. Dirty Pair is a true anime classic in every way and no collection is complete without both installments.

Review copy provided by RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment


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