Chrome Shelled Regios, Part Two – DVD Review

Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $64.98 US
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

Sometimes even supermen need help from their friends.

The first part of Chrome Shelled Regios served as a great introduction to an action anime series that was actually a lot of fun to watch thanks to its good action sequences and its delightfully amusing characters. There was more than enough drama to make things interesting as well, but it is Part Two of Chrome Shelled Regios where the series finally takes off in a fitting finale that makes this second half even cooler than the first.

As Layfon Alseif reveals to the members of his 17th Platoon as well as the entire Zuellni Academic city, he was once a talented warrior of the Heaven’s Blade that seems almost super human in comparison to trained soldiers and even the police force. However, he was exiled from his home city of Glendan by the Queen herself, which is why – in the opening episode of Part Two – Layfon’s childhood friend named Leerin Marfes hopes that one day the Queen forgive the young man for his crimes.

However, Layfon has bigger problems when he meets a young man named Haia and his archer companion named Myunfa who are part of the Salinban Mercenary Training group that have come to Zuellni in search of the “Fallen One” … the spirit that Layfon encountered in the abandoned city in Part One. Haia also seems to know about Layfon and the reason he was exiled but more importantly, has a dislike for Layfon that will quickly be revealed.

With an important competition coming up and the fact that he was recruited to participate in an investigation for the municipal police that includes his friend Naruki, Layfon is suddenly joined by Nina in investigating a possible rumor that the leader of the platoon they about to take on in competition is using a drug called Overload that is used to enhance their power. Meanwhile, the 17th’s sniper, Sarnid, decides to stand with his former teammates this once in order to help their leader, Dinn. It is during this match that a “Fallen One” does appear and Haia steps in only to go up against Layfon in an impressive battle that leaves Haia badly injured.

As dramatic as the first few episodes are there are light moments as well as Nina takes her platoon to go to a secluded and peaceful training camp as we find out that Layfon now has Nina among his admirers. However, an accident nearly kills Layfon when he shielded May-shen (who is in love with him) from falling debris but that doesn’t stop the Academy’s President from demanding that Layfon take care of Contaminoid business outside the city. However, Nina and the others are tired of seeing their comrade take on the heavy burden of protecting the city and decide that they will fight side-by-side for now on as a team.

It’s just too bad that Nina finds herself face-to-face with the Fallen One by herself, an unfortunate incident since the powerful spirit suddenly seizes control of the young leader. It is Felli who senses the change after her sudden disappearance and reappearance in a city far from Zuellni.

Meanwhile, Leerin can see that the situation with the Fallen Ones will get out of hand soon so she decides to take a weapon that was crafted for Layfon to her childhood crush herself. She decides to travel with a member of Heaven’s Blade, Savalis, only to end up meeting Nina in a city that suddenly finds itself facing a Fallen One. As fate would have it, Nina and Leerin become friends not knowing that both women know Layfon.

Unfortunately for Nina, the Fallen One within her begins to call in Contaminoids and something even more powerful and – to top it all off – the city of Glendan is starting to move towards Zuellni. Suddenly, both cities battle against the wolf mask intruders that want to secure the power of the Fallen One for their own personal gain. Fighting as a team, Layfon and the others attempt to save Nina and their city in a climactic battle that is downright exhilarating.

Unlike the first part, Part Two is more serious and even more action-packed, which is a good thing seeing as it makes the ending an exciting one. Sure, the lighthearted moments take a backseat to the dramatic moments and action but that doesn’t mean these episodes aren’t without their amusing moments. Leerin suddenly becoming the groper is a hilarious switch and the Felli-Layfon relationship is still a blast to watch.

Part Two of Chrome Shelled Regios makes a slightly bigger impact than the first part to make this an overall likeable action series with much to offer. Never taking itself too seriously, you’ll find yourself caught up in its world and the characters that make up a good story. It also has a good ending so I am certainly recommending this one to anyone who likes an action anime series that’s exciting and entertaining.


As Layfon is recruited by the municipal police, Leerin becomes aware that Layfon might actually be more special than she imagined and begins her trek to Zuellni to give her childhood crush a special package. Meanwhile, Nina encounters one of the “Fallen Ones” that latches on to her just when the city of Glendan approaches Zuellni and a mercenary challenges Layfon.

There is more visual effects in this half of the series and the fighting scenes are even better as Layfon clashes with some impressive foes. Aside from that, the animation isn’t bad at all.

I have to say that Monica Rial does a great job with Felli that is right up there with the original Japanese Seyuu’s performance. There’s some great voice acting for both sides so whatever your preference you will find good voice acting. The new closing theme song is just even more prettier than the one in Part One.

Just like the first set, the second disc just contains more FUNimation trailers and the clean opening and closing theme song.

A minor improvement over the first part of the series, Part Two of Chrome Shelled Regios is an even more dramatic and action-packed finale to this highly entertaining action series. A lot happens in this second half of the series and much of it leads up to an ending that doesn’t disappoint in the very least to make this a series worth viewing.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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