Monthly Editorial (Early Edition) – July 2011

Anime Expo 2011 is just a day away and, once again, Animanga Nation will be there to check out all the latest news and features this event always highlights. It’s also a great opportunity to meet our readers and we have met a great number of you who were encouraging and fun to hang out with during the event. If you see a small group of people with Animanga Nation t-shirts, please say hello to us. We love chatting with you guys.

This year’s event is a special one for Anime Expo since it’s their twentieth anniversary but also the event plans to honor and even help the continued relief efforts in Japan. I’m proud to say that anime and manga fans in North America and all over the world have given money and aid to Japan in its time of need after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. As I had said in an editorial, all of us here in this office have been lucky to have lived in Japan for short periods and have been touched by the county and its people that we love Japan just as much as we love the United States.

I was happy to spearhead our own efforts to send Japan money and much-needed care packages with the help our sister sites Comic Revolution and Game Revolver. I would like to thank my sister, Eden Zacarias, of Comic Revolution and Natalie Romano of Game Revolver for having helped me carry out our relief efforts. We would also like to thank all of you who have made donations and have given us words of encouragement to pass along to the people of Japan.

So if you happen to be in Los Angeles for this upcoming weekend, we’ll see you there and will be happy to bring you all the news from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Eduardo Zacarias

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