AX 2011: Aniplex of America Panel

Day One of Anime Expo 2011 certainly turned out to be a busy day with Aniplex of America holding its panel as they go through a list of current and new releases with the biggest news being good news for Blue Exorcist fans. Even bigger news is that the series can already be found streaming in sites such as Hulu, YouTube, Crunchyroll and even the PlayStation Network.

It was also announced that some favorites are going to be released on Blu-ray with the panelists pointing out that these series just make an even bigger impression on the HD format. Here are some of the series Aniplex worked on that are released and will be released in the near future on Blu-ray:

Baccano!, The Complete Series (Limited Edition) can be found on the Blu-ray format from our friends at Funimation. The Blu-ray release is available now.

Read or Die, The Complete Blu-ray Set has been announced but no official release date has been given at this time. Still, it’s good to see this series and on Blu-ray no less.

Rurouni Kenshin The Movie + the OVAs – The feature length film (about 110 minutes) plus all six OVAs of the series will be released on Blu-ray and the set will also include the original booklet that was offered in Japan.


Blue Exorcist will be available on DVD in 4 separate volumes starting with Volume 1 coming this October 2011. If you’ve been following the series and love it as much as we do, the DVDs will certainly be worth picking up.

Puella Madoka Magica was announced and coming soon so we will definitely be looking forward to more news about this magical girl series.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Aniplex of America has not disappointed anime fans and doesn’t do so again this year with a number of great titles whether you’re a Blue Exorcist fan or have always wanted to check out Madoka Magica. It’s great stuff, indeed.


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