Blu-ray of the Month: Spice and Wolf, Season One

With the release of Season Two out this very same month, Funimation has also decided to package The Complete First Season of Spice and Wolf on Blu-ray and this is – no doubt about it – the best way to watch a series that not only contains gorgeous animation but also tells a very endearing and fantastical tale that makes it feel like a traditional fable.

The story revolves around a young traveling merchant named Craft Lawrence who encounters a harvest goddess named Holo who appears like a cute girl with a furry tail and wolf ears but is actually a wolf deity. Sensing that the human world has no need for a harvest goddess, she makes a deal with Lawrence to travel with her so she could go back to her home safely.

The pair goes on an amazing journey filled with danger and excitement as both Lawrence and Holo come to form an interesting bond. They not only come to learn about the world but also about themselves as Lawrence and Holo’s relationship takes a meaningful turn as they navigate through a world filled with greedy merchant guilds and a threat that wishes to harness Holo’s power.

As I mentioned, the series contains some stunning animation and you had better believe that it looks even better on Blu-ray … the way this series was meant to be seen and heard. Even the voice acting is topnotch in this series.

We Highly Recommend you pick up this series on Blu-ray if you missed it the first time around and with the Season Two upon us (we will bring you our review soon) you will certainly want to check it out. In the meantime, you can check out our review of the DVD version of Spice and Wolf, The Complete First Season.

Spice and Wolf, The Complete First Season DVD Review


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