Dragon Ball Z Kai, Part Six – Blu-ray Review

Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $34.98 US (Blu-ray), $29.98 US (DVD)
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

There are fights and then there are Super smack downs.

The original Dragon Ball Z alone stands as a true classic in every sense but I have to admit that Dragon Ball Z Kai is starting to become my favorite way of viewing this series mainly because it removed the filler that got in the way of the more exciting moments in the series. Still, there are still some quiet moments like the calm before a monster storm and Part Six of Dragon Ball Z Kai begins softly and ends in a way that will have you begging for more.

In the fifth part of the saga, we were introduced to Doctor Gero’s most dangerous creations that were so unpredictable that they coldheartedly killed their creator to follow their own path of destruction. Androids 17 and 18 are joined by the hulking and silent Android 16 who – despite the murder of his creator – is still determined to carry out Gero’s orders to kill Goku. While the “brother-sister” team go on a rampage just for the fun of it, Android 16 reacts only when needed and even then he’s more interested in the birds that seem to be interested in him.

Meanwhile, with Goku in a coma-like slumber, the others wonder what to do next when Piccolo makes an interesting comment that involves the older Namekian named Kami who is watching all the action from afar. It seems that both Namekian warriors have the power to merge as one being to the point of becoming a Super Namekian. Of course, this also means that Kami and Piccolo would cease to exist as we know them.

As Kami is thinking on what to do, Krillin decides to take Goku away from his home in case the androids know where he lives. They load the sleeping Saiyan aboard their ship to take to Master Roshi’s island when Bulma calls with some news that should be of interest to older Trunks … her son from the future. It seems that her Capsule employees discovered a ship much like the one Trucks traveled across time in but this ship seems to have been here on Earth for years. Investigating the ship, Trunks and the others find what looks to be some kind of hatched egg and the remains of some humanoid-reptile skin.

Coincidentally, a news report comes in that the people of a city known as Gingertown have all disappeared. From above, Kami sees what cause behind the mass disappearances and decides to merge with Piccolo who accepts the other Namekian’s power. While it makes him incredibly strong, fast and powerful, Piccolo finds that the creature that turned Gingertown into a ghost town is even more powerful. On top of that, it seems to know him as well as a certain move that Goku has mastered.

Meet Cell, a creature whose origin is revealed as the two powerhouses battle and yes this freakish thing with a tail that is capable of draining people of their Ki is lethal. Piccolo is clearly no match for Cell and takes off before the thing could kill him. Cell, in the meantime, means to fulfill the first part of his mission and that is to drain and use the power of Androids 17 and 18.

Goku, in the meantime, finally wakes up and wants to become powerful in order to take on the Androids and now this new threat. Of course, he comes to the realization that he’s not up to the task just yet and knows of one way that could do the trick. You see, he knows a way to accelerate a year’s worth of training into one day and that is by way of a chamber he has used before when he was Gohan’s age. Despite Chi-Chi’s protest, Goku decides to take his son with him as well as Vegeta and his son from the future to partake in the training as well.

Unfortunately, the androids finally come close to finding Goku only to learn that the Saiyan has gone off for training. Piccolo decides to take the androids on to stall for some time as Vegeta and Trunks use the chamber to discover their true form. With the new power he possesses, Piccolo is able to go toe-to-toe with his challenger, Android 17, who is surprised by Piccolo’s new power.

It’s just too bad that Cell finally senses the android from far away and finds them. Knowing that if Cell were to absorb the androids he would become unstoppable, Piccolo defends Android 17. Suddenly, the three androids are fighting alongside Piccolo against an enemy that means the death of all of them. The battle that ensues us nothing short of breathtaking and surprising as Cell suddenly gains the upper hand in an unexpected way. Even Tien, who sees no choice, steps into the fight as well as Android 16 who realizes something good about himself.

In the finale, Android 18 sees no choice but to run as Cell is on the hunt for the remaining android. At the same time, Vegeta and Trunks finally steps out of the chamber leaving it to Goku and his son to train. Vegeta manages to show up for an even bigger battle that will eventually lead to one hell of a brawl. Oh yeah, Dragon Ball Z Kai fans, it’s that big a fight.

Part Six of Dragon Ball Z Kai has a slow buildup that leads up to one of the more exciting encounters the series has thrown at Goku and the others. Sure, it takes its time getting to the heart of the matter but when it reaches the main event it does so with just the right impact that will have Dragon Ball Z fans sitting up in their seats. Without a doubt, we are so looking forward to the next set and so will you, believe me.


With the powerful Androids searching for Goku who has yet to wake up, the others rush to be by his side while Piccolo makes a very difficult decision involving Kami. However, the three Androids are but part of the problem when a new enemy from the future makes an appearance and he’s even more dangerous that all three Androids combined. Meanwhile, a newly awakened Goku and son decided to take Vegeta and his future son Trunks to train for their upcoming battle with their enemies that are closing in fast.

There are a number of impressive battles in this sixth set as even the enemies turn on each another and Piccolo’s newly powerful form makes for some intense visuals. On top of that, there’s nothing quite as drool-worthy as watching Dragon Ball Z Kai on Blu-ray.

The voice acting in the newly dubbed English track is handled beautifully enough but I still have a soft spot for the Japanese cast and the original music that still gives me goose bumps. If you have a good sound system hooked up, crank that sucker up.

No special extras aside from the textless opening and closing animation will disappoint Dragon Ball Z fans but at least there are a few trailers and the thought that it’s on Blu-ray is a pretty big deal.

As the pace slows down a little, Part Six’s biggest strength comes in the later half of this set as things heat up to the point of making us remember why we fell in love with Dragon Ball Z Kai. As Goku’s friends struggle with enemies that exceed their own strength, a new combatant steps in to make things more dangerous for them and really exciting for us. We officially cannot wait for Part Seven.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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