Shin Chan, Season 3 Part 1 – DVD Review

Review by: Felicia Day

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $39.98 US
Running Time: 325 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

It’s the summer of Shin.

It’s been two years since the last Shin Chan release and boy did we miss the antics of this little boy obsessed with hotties, Action Bastard and his own big bubble butt. If you’re new to Shin Chan, it’s one of those shows that inject its own brand of below-the-belt humor that made it one of Adult Swim’s more poplar animated comedies with good reason. Sure, it’s been a long while but as we can see from Part 1 of Season 3 of Shin Chan; it was definitely worth the wait.

In Part 1 of this third season, Shin finds himself enjoying the summer break as he spends a hot summer day at the beach with his family where adult film stars have Shin’s dad, Hiro, walking on eggshells hoping not to piss Mitzi off. Then Mitzi takes Shin to meet up with their friends at the movies to see “Bowel’s Moving Castle” that takes a jab at Miyazaki and Christian Bale’s meltdown.

In other lazy summer days, Shin and his friends are invited to the Musby-White Country Club where their friend Georgie’s mother invited them to a day at the pool where Shin embarrasses everyone. Speaking of embarrassing others, Shin embarrasses Georgie who tries to go on a date with a Republican girl. Shin even hangs out in school just to check on the faculty like Principle Ench and the female teachers who are having trouble finding love and – in the case of Miss Polly – finding way too much of it. Oh yeah, they’re a dysfunctional bunch.

It isn’t easy being Mitzi either as she finds herself pushing Shin to get rid of his old toys and Hiro to throw out his immense collection of nudie magazines. She’s also a good sport, role-playing in a sexy femme fatale dress as she plays spies versus Nazis with Shin and Hima. When her neighbor gives her a mushroom (the psychedelic kind) to share with Hiro, it is Shin who trips the light fantastic when he accidentally eats it with rice. Mitzi even gets a makeover to compete with the hot young moms in the park that Shin likes to hang out with when they go for walks.

When Shin goes back to school, he finds that Principle Ench hires a new physical education coach who happens to be a shy young man that – unfortunately – falls victim to Miss Polly’s vicious other self and ends up quitting. The result is a new coach that Shin meets in the park who believes he is an evolved life form who calls himself The Flamer. Meanwhile, the kids hold an intervention for Miss Polly while Miss Katz gets drunk in Shin’s house.

The Flamer isn’t the only new face in the series as we are introduced to Mitzi’s younger and more out-of-control sister named Bitzi who comes to visit and is immediately arrested by the police following a misunderstanding between her and Shin. Bitzi tries to loosen Mitzi up a little but only comes off as unstable and pretty darn funny.

While Shin obviously steals the show throughout the series, it’s good to see the other characters get the spotlight such as Boo who feels his hanging snot is an asset rather than something gross. Georgie who suffers through the bad economy by not only bashing President Obama and Nancy Pelosi (referring to her as a Nazi) but also revealing his love for a rich magical girl named Yaz. Even Penny and Ai get to shine, as they put on a play complete with an expensive set and wardrobe.

The humor in Season Three is less gross-out and more razor-sharp witty with plenty of great jokes that bring pop culture phenomenon like “True Blood” when Shin goes on a skiing trip with Hottie Nanako and a guy he suspects is a vampire. There are plenty of jabs at Republicans thanks to Georgie and sly sexual references all add up to a hilarious season.

As it turns out, Part 1 of Season 3 of Shin Chan was not only well worth the wait but it just happens to be an over-the-top hysterical and overwhelmingly witty season. With more than enough laughs and humorous short segments, the season just goes back to what made us fall in love with it in the first place. If you’re not a Shin Chan fan now, this first part of the third season will definitely do the trick.


It’s the summer break and Shin, his friends and family keep busy by going to the country club, checking in on the school staff and going to the movies. When they finally go back to school, Shin must deal with the faculty’s problems with their own lives as well as dealing with two new coaches. Meanwhile, Mitzi’s sister, Bitzi, pays them a visit and arrests are made.

The animation is as crude as the humor but it works and the sight gags make for plenty of laughs as well. This is good stuff, indeed.

The voice cast is topnotch and the performances will not fail to make all the jokes work beautifully. Laura Bailey is still awesome as Shin and the jokes – that poke fun at everything from Obama to the Tea Party – will not fail to make you laugh out loud.

There are no real extras to speak of except for a few FUNimation trailers and all the trailers for previous seasons of Shin Chan that are all funny to watch.

Shin Chan is back and Part 1 of Season 3 immediately jumps right back into all the things we loved about the first two seasons of an animated comedy that keeps pushing the envelop in a deliciously crude and absolutely hilarious manner. Just about the only complaint I have is that we had to wait two years for this third season that will have you laughing from gut-busting beginning to pants-soaking end.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment


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