Shin Chan, Season 3 Part 2 – DVD Review

Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $39.98 US
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

Only on Shin Chan do we get kappas, young Republicans crapping their pants and Zombie Michael Jackson.

I agree with fellow reviewer Felicia Day who said that it was worth the wait for a third season of Shin Chan. However, at the same time, it’s rather upsetting that an animated comedy this good had to wait at all considering that there are multiple seasons of animated shows that should have only lasted one season (e.g. “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad”). Still, it is good to see the series back as Part 2 of Season 3 of Shin Chan proves to be one of the best and hopefully not the last seasons.

As Shin points out, though, he’s been in the same grade since the very beginning of the series but – then again – that is alright with us considering that its his school life and the little things in his life in general that makes the bite-sized vignettes so enjoyable. Part 2 picks up directly after the first part as we find Shin’s classmate, Georgie, head home with fellow Young Republicans he is trying to impress when they all run into Shin dressed as, um, feces as part of his audition for a diarrhea commercial. Embarrassed, Georgie pretends that he doesn’t know Shin but, when diarrhea has him crapping his pants, it is Shin he turns to for help.

Meanwhile, the new coach who calls himself The Flamer, has won over all the students except for Penny who the coach had called an inferior ginger. She’s so upset by this that Penny doesn’t show up to school every Friday to avoid him and this starts to get to The Flamer who decides to do anything he can to get her to come back. As a result of his attempt to win her over and watching him try to get over his fear of rabbits, Penny develops a major crush on the coach.

In the Nohara residence, Mitzi’s younger sister, Bitzi, is still staying with the family trying to kick her bad habits. When Hiro’s elderly father, Gin, shows up, he and Bitzi hit it off in a very wrong way that makes both Hiro and Mitzi rather uncomfortable. In fact, Mitzi calls her father to hold an intervention for the poor girl that actually has a positive effect on Bitzi. Also, we learn that Grandpa Gin might have played a hand in teaching Shin some of his bad habits and hottie-loving ways.

Shin also finds himself involved in his classroom’s competition against rival schools. First, they try their hand at swimming as they go up against a school with British versions of themselves. Then, in another competition, they try jump rope against a talented group of students from another school. Finally, they compete to pick potatoes. Strangely enough, it’s Shin and his classmates that manage to pull of some surprising results.

While diving into the lives of Bitzi, The Flamer and Shin’s friends, it is the little situations involving the Nohara family that make Part 2 so much fun to watch. You know a series is special when a quick outing to a shopping mall, amusement park or even taking a bath together is so darn entertaining that you take pleasure in these little moments. When Hiro goes on a business trip, Mitzi, Shin and Hima secretly follow him and wonder if he’s having an affair with a female client.

It’s also the crazy moments that make Shin Chan so much fun such as an armed militant group of pandas that target Principal Ench for his panda-hunting past. Shin also meets a young kappa (a Japanese folkloric creature that lives in a body water) who joins the family in hopes that it will actually make a difference in the show’s ratings as everyone is worried that this will be the end of the series. The series also takes stabs at personalities such as Jay Leno selfishly taking The Tonight Show from Conan O’Brian when Shin and his mom take a studio tour and then at Michael Jackson when Shin believes Miss Katz (in disguise) is the King of Pop … or at least his zombie.

Oh yeah, the jokes are crude and the profanity flies and we love every second of it so here’s hoping we get more Shin Chan.

Part 2 of Season 3 of Shin Chan certainly does not disappoint in the very least as this third season gives us a third helping of weird and crude hilarity that only Shin Chan brings to the table. Sure, there are a number of animated comedies already out there but this one continues to be genuinely funny enough to compete with them. Give Shin a chance and he’ll make you fan, trust me.


Shin finds himself caught in the middle of a number of interesting situations that include his grandpa really hitting it off with Bitzi and helping his class win against rival schools in some competitions. Meanwhile, Penny develops a hatred then crush on The Flamer and Miss Katz is trying to enjoy a massage chair when Shin and Mitzi show up to ruin things. Bitzi gets more screen time as her fate is decided and Mitzi thinks that Hiro is out with another woman.

The animation has always been just as crude as the jokes but you can’t complain when “Ass Dance” looks so darn funny. I also love the sneeze-and-you-miss-them sight gags scattered throughout.

The cast has always been over-the-top in terms of their performances and nothing is different this season. There’s also more profanity so it certainly lives up to its TV MA rating. If this is the last of Shin Chan, I will definitely miss the closing theme song.

There are no real extras here except for the official trailers for both Season 3 as well as a few FUNimation trailers too. We would have loved an audio commentary track with the cast.

Shin Chan is back and he’s even cruder than ever as Part 2 of Season 3 holds nothing back and you will love every second of it. With edgier jokes and language, the third season is even funnier as everything from Scientology to Jay Leno aren’t safe. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of Shin Chan but, if it is, it was fun while the party lasted.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment


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