Happy New Years 2012!

If anything, 2011 will be best remembered by all of us here at the offices of Animanga Nation as a huge success that has left all of us a bit surprised in the most pleasant way possible. Over the years we built up quite a following but 2011 brought us readers from as far as Brazil to South Africa and many more are keeping a close watch on Animanga Nation. We are overwhelmed by the number of positive responses we’ve obtained from European, Canadian and even Asian readers who enjoy the site.

This, of course, could not have been possible if it were not for the publishers and studios that have given us their support over the years. We are eternally grateful to all of you and there are simply no words that could appropriately sum up the gratitude we feel for said support. We look forward to another year being a part of your lives and to offer news and reviews of all titles we can come to expect from each one of you.

Speaking of things to expect, Animanga Nation plans on bringing readers more in 2012. We have big plans for the site as the new year has inspired all of us to give you more. We’ve listened to all of you and we plan to deliver. What these new features will include we will not say just yet but expect them to happen in the middle of 2012.

Thank you all for making Animanga Nation a success once again. We are honored by your kind words that make us want to work harder to bring you, the anime and manga fans, a site you could comfortably turn to for all your anime and manga news and reviews.

See you all in 2012!

Eduardo Zacarias


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