Dirty Pair, OVA Series – DVD Review

Review by: Sophie Stevens

Publisher: RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment
MSRP: $34.99 US
Running Time: 250 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Rating: 13+
Release Date: January 3, 2012

Here’s hoping insurance still exists in the future with these Trouble Consultants around.

There are a few anime series out there that become a truly timeless classic that no matter how long ago it was first introduced it still manages to be just as entertaining and surprising now. Let’s face it, when these types of classics come along we appreciate them enough that most of us don’t mind buying the newly remastered editions. This definitely goes for the Dirty Pair series and now the OVA Series of Dirty Pair so throw away your ancient VCR copy and that old export copy because this is one collection that does not disappoint.

The Dirty Pair are back and this time RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment brings us the three DVD collection of the newly remastered 12-episode OVA series that was just recently re-released in Japan. Once again, the series reunites us with the sexy 3WA Trouble Consultants, Kei and Yuri, who complete missions in their own destructive style that have earned these Lovely Angels their real nickname … Dirty Pair. Once again, the galaxy is safe and, well, not so safe at the same time.

In the opening episode, a group of convicts of the Karosu prison station for lifers-only carry out their escape plan that has the prison population overtaking the warden and his guards. Once again, Chief Gooley of the 3WA sends Kei and Yuri out on a mission as the pair sets out to save the warden and what’s left of the prison guards. Of course, this won’t be easy seeing as they will have to complete the mission before the Marines show up and – on top of that – they must deal with a warden hell-bent on exacting his bloody revenge on the prisoners.

Then, in another episode, four different teams of costumed criminals prepare for their own ultimate heists on Halloween night. As it turns out, though, the Dirty Pair botched a simple arrest as a Tactical Robot Weapon (that bares a striking resemblance to the skeletal Terminators) is set loose and is about to target the city. With the bands of costumed criminals ready to strike and a dangerous weapon about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting city, the Lovely Angels find themselves in quite a predicament. In another episode they even go up against a being that is considered a deity by a group of colonists.

In a surprising episode, Yuri and Kei investigate a counterfeit ring on a resort island that pushes Yuri into the arms of the son of the island’s main crime boss. In fact, the romance that blossoms between them leads to a very unexpected scene. Meanwhile, on a military base, a group of armed children manage to take control of the base and thus causing a standoff between them and highly trained soldiers. The girls are sent in to stop things from turning into a bloodbath, which is not going to be easy since the kids actually manage to become a real threat.

Kei shows off her ability to fight in one episode that has her participating in a fighting tournament while investigating the use of an illegal performance enhancing steroid called Hustle. In a surprising twist, Kei’s opponent, Sandra Guts, was once a top student at the 3WA training center who was hard on Kei and Yuri during their early years. Since Sandra is all muscle, the pair comes to the conclusion that she might not only be using Hustle but she might also be a part of the Syndicate that is manufacturing the drug.

Speaking of ex-3WA members, the girls go undercover in a casino to get a 3WA Trouble Consultant codenamed Kung Fu off his gambling addiction. In order to do this, the girls must prove that the Shangri-La Casino’s meteor game is rigged in order to snap Kung Fu out of his gambling obsession.

The girls also become involved in an old case when the Dirty Pair come across an escape pod that holds a little girl named Tia who – twenty years ago – was but one of two survivors of a terrorist attack that killed 800 people including her scientist father. As news of Tia’s existence becomes known to the other survivor, an attempt on the little girl’s life has the girls not only trying to protect her but also unraveling the mystery behind the terrorist attack.

In the final episode, the girls find themselves tossed into a civil war that has lasted years but, as things have finally started too cool off between both factions, peace talks have been derailed by five mercenaries who will stop at nothing to see that both sides continue fighting. Kei and Yuri are sent in to stop the five men as well as discover the reason behind their motives.

Fans of the Dirty Pair will find that all 12 of the episodes are just as exciting and as fun to watch as the best episodes from the main TV series. In fact, I’d go even as far as saying that they stand out even more seeing as there are certainly no shortage of action-packed moments tossed in with the girls’ brand of humor and sexiness. As I mentioned in the beginning, this is a timeless classic and it shows since – despite its original release date was years ago – you will still have a blast watching these episodes.

Without a doubt, the OVA Series of Dirty Pair is proof that great anime is still just as refreshingly fun to watch as it was the first or second time around. This collection is made up of memorable episodes that should not only appeal to returning Dirty Pair fans but also a new generation that will come to appreciate all the things these Lovely Angels have to offer. Anime fans should definitely not be without this one.


Kei and Yuri of the 3WA find themselves causing more mayhem and destruction as they see to a number of assignments that have the Dirty Pair babysitting a little girl who survived a terrorist attack more than twenty years ago as well as take to a cage fighting ring against a former 3WA rival. In other missions, the girls are sent to put a stop to a prison riot, capture a dangerous weapon on the loose and put an end to a siege involving armed kids.

Once again, RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment does not disappoint in the very least when it comes to their remastered versions of classics. The Dirty Pair TV Series releases looked great on DVD and the same could be said about this OVA collection.

Personally speaking, the Japanese voice cast of Noriko Tomimiya and Saeko Shimazu make the original language track the best way to watch this OVA collection although those who fancy hearing it in English will find the dub to be adequate. The soundtrack will bring you back to the 1980s but that’s not a bad thing in this case.

Just the idea of having the Dirty Pair OVAs in one collection is a plus and more so if you’re a fan of the series. On top of the newly remastered video and sound, you’ll find the always handy Liner Notes as well as the ability to watch the opening and closing animation sans credits. You’ll also find the U.S. Trailer as well as a few RightStuf!/Nozomi trailers on each of the three DVDs.

The OVA Series of Dirty Pair is not only a collection of stellar episodes well worth watching but it’s also the way an OVA collection should be released. If you’re not already a fan of the Dirty Pair you will find yourself quickly becoming one after one episode of this remastered release. This is definitely one classic anyone who calls themselves an anime fan should not be without.

Review copy provided by RightStuf!/Nozomi Entertainment


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