Monthly Editorial – June 2012: Live from the E3 2012 Show

Summer means a lot of things for a lot of people but for us it will always mean swimming pools, ice cream, shaving Uncle Harry’s hairy back in the backyard and, of course, conventions. While I always look forward to the Anime Expo each year, summer also welcomes to the Los Angeles Convention Center one specifically geared towards gamers. That’s right, E3 2012 is here and, this being the last day of the show, I got a chance to join the kids at our little brother site, Game Revolver.

While the show seemed to have toned down just a tad, there was still much to see and I’ll give you gamers a full report on the Game Revolver site ( soon. However, I’m happy to report that there are some titles that may interest anime and manga fans like a new Dragon Ball Z game for the Xbox 360 by Bandai Namco that makes good use of the Kinect hardware. That’s right, you’ll be able to pull off some awesome moves as Goku or any of the other characters from the series like Vegeta just to name a few.

Now you can “Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!” without a controller!

Then Bandai Namco also displayed a playable demo of a new One Piece game that I had been dying to see in action since I heard about it from some Japanese friends. Now, One Piece: Kaizoku Musou comes to North America with an all-new adventure featuring Luffy and his crew and believe me when I say that it looked awesome.

There’s much more and I will bring you all the latest news on this front later this month along with game reviews for both these titles when they hit stores in 2012. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to running through the halls of E3 where I swear has gotten so loud that presentations now require headphones.

“I’m going to be king of the pirates … again!”

Also, Animanga Nation will be happy to be back in the same venue for Anime Expo 2012 that is already sounding like an amazing show this year. We’ll also be happy to get to meet favorite guests that include Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi who we absolutely love as well as a number of other amazing guests like Nobuhiko Okamoto who voices Rin from one of our favorite anime series, Blue Exorcist.

Anyway, I’ll get back to E3 where I’m currently sitting near gaming journalists who have been reduced to teenagers at the sight of so many awesome new games.

Much love to you all,

Eduardo Zacarias


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