Durarara!!, Volume 3 – Manga Review

Durarara, Vol3

Review by: Kylee Strutt

Publisher: Yen Press
Author: Ryohgo Narita
Artist: Akiyo Satorigi
Character Design: Suzuhito Yasuda, Masayuki Sato (Cover)
Genre: Graphic Novel
MSRP: $11.99 US
Rating: OT (Older Teen)
Release Date: Available Now

AN Ed Choice Award1

Durarara!! is the type of series that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to surprises as the story slowly, yet deliciously, unravels right before you until you find yourself impressed with Narita-sensei’s brilliance. So far in this manga version of his work, he introduced us to a real city that is home to a cast of twisted and interesting resident but now, with Volume 3, Ikebukuro gets even more fascinating … and dangerous.

In the second volume, the seemingly meek Mikado Ryuugamine encounters a strange girl with a hideous scar on her neck who pleads for his help. You see, she is being chased by the Black Rider but the reason was unknown … until now. You see, in the opening chapter of Volume 3 we find the this mythical headless being who calls herself Celty Sturluson tracking the location of her missing head that she feels is somewhere in Ikebukuro.

On one of her rides around town she runs into Shizuo Heiwajima who wonders why his nemesis, Izaya Orihara, is hanging around his city. It’s clear that both men hate each another but that’s not important to Celty who suddenly encounters the girl with the scar on her neck. You see, the girl’s face is very familiar to Celty who identifies it as hers. Thus, the chase for the girl begins but then the mystery girl runs into Mikado who grabs the girl by the hand and flees from Celty.

Meanwhile, Seiji Yagiri is a witness to the events. He recognizes the girl’s face again as the very thing he has fallen in love with as he tries to stop Celty. Of course, Shizuo grabs a hold of the young man and discovers that Seiji is a little more twisted than we had all expected as he attacks Shizuo for getting in the way of the one he loves.

So now Mikado ends up with a pretty girl in his room and, while his good friend Masaomi Kida makes wild speculation of who she might be, this girl is still the biggest mystery that has made Mikado’s life a lot more interesting. Meanwhile, Celty consults with Shinra Kishitani who is still very much in love with the Irish Dullahan. Not too far away, Shinji is still hurting from his encounter with Shizuo and the fact that his “soul mate” escaped with fellow classmate Mikado. Once again, his sister – Namie Yagiri is willing to do anything for her beloved. She promises to get the girl back … but she has her own twisted agenda.

With no choice but the leave the mystery girl in his apartment, Mikado goes to school only to encounter both Izaya Orihara and the Black Rider waiting for him near the school gates. Orihara has taken a keen interest in the younger boy but it is Celty who wants a word with him. In a comical scene, a very nervous Mikado tries to sneak away from this little encounter only to find them following close behind so he has no choice but to confront them.

It is then that everything will change for Mikado as we discover something about the boy that we could not see coming. At last, Mikado has a “conversation” with Celty who reveals the truth about herself to him and the reason she was chasing the girl. While he still doesn’t trust Orihara, he turns to him for help when they discover that the girl in his apartment is missing and men who rush out and getaway in a Yagiri Pharmaceuticals van.

Suddenly, it is Mikado who continues to prove himself as a character who is stronger than he seems as he shows us his true colors. It is Mikado who organizes and executes a plan to meet with the head of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals who just so happens to be Namie who accepts Mikado’s invitation. Hatching a plan to take the boy down, Mikado quickly turns the tables in the most surprising way.

No, I’m not going to reveal what he does because you really should read it for yourself. Just trust me when I say that you will not see it coming. Again, Narita-sensei proves that he is capable pushing his talents to the limit and producing results that will not fail to impress as he does with this volume. That said, Ikebukuro continues to be a very interesting place with characters who can be twisted yet fascinating while other characters show us there’s more to them than what’s on the surface. This is what makes Durarara!! such an enjoyable read.

Volume 3 of Durarara not only pushes the story forward in the most fascinating of ways but it just keeps getting better with each chapter as we learn more about the residents of this unusual city. The Yagiri sibling’s twisted love lives aside, it is Mikado who proves to be one of the most interesting characters as he shows us who he really is in these chapters. You will not be disappointed by this volume, manga fans.


While he manages to escape with the mysterious girl with the face that interests the Black Rider, Mikado’s life changes in a flash to the point that he shows us his true colors … and something else as well. Meanwhile, Celty decides to come clean to Mikado in hopes that he will understand his plight as they – along with the help of Orihara – decides to take on Namie Yagiri who is desperate to get the girl back.

Visually speaking, the final pages of the last chapter of this volume are nothing short of impressive and even more so since Mikado is involved. Other than that, the artwork continues to be a delight.

One of the more powerful and impressively astonishing volumes of this series, Volume 3 will leave you on the edge of your seat and realizing how brilliant this story is as a main character shows us he is more than just a scared kid. As things get even more twisted and dangerous, it is clear that the story can only get even better making Durarara!! a manga worth reading.

Review copy provided by Yen Press

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